Coordination with DESITE BIM

As a BIM coordinator, you will take on a new role in your construction projects. You will be responsible for the interaction of the individual disciplines: Does the structurally planned gantry bridge fit with your road design? Does the bored pile spacing of the noise barriers also take into account the existing underground pipelines? And were the 3D objects correctly attributed in accordance with the client's requirements? You should be able to answer all these questions with a "yes" so that the subsequent BIM processes can function automatically.

The DESITE BIM software solution helps you with these tasks and acts as a digital interface for the exchange of information and data between all project participants. Here, 3D models are merged, geometric conflicts are detected, attributes are evaluated, 4D construction process simulations are generated and model-based 5D quantity calculations are worked out. Use the smart tools for quality, information and project management.

Video: BIM Coordination with DESITE MD Pro