Individual Coaching

It's up to you what to learn and where to learn. Either you come to us or we'll come to you at a time of your choosing. Such individual coaching is ideal for hands-on learning, where you can learn exactly what you need in terms of your current project or your work in general.

You've only recently started using card_1?

If so, as many of your staff as possible should be trained to use the system according to your specific needs. Individual coaching is especially beneficial when first starting out with new work processes and it means that together we can set the standards for efficient work practices in future.

You're a seasoned card_1 user?

You may be a seasoned user, but if at some point you find yourself facing unfamiliar tasks, our individual coaching is the best way to become proficient in such new types of tasks and fields. To make learning that much easier, we can use your project data to demonstrate the new techniques and systems.

Are you dissatisfied with the work flow?

If you have been working with card_1 for a long time but feel you are not getting the most out of the system, we can analyse your work processes together to determine whether your 'old habits' could be improved and to show you ways to use the system more efficiently.

You need comprehensive advice?

Then take advantage of our consulting services: When accompanying a project, we support you in every planning phase or every area of activity. Together, we analyse and optimise each working process. We draw up strategic concepts and facilitate saving potential. Regardless whether you are dealing with a particular planning issue or specialist knowledge relating to a specific project or client: our expertise and tailored support help you achieve your goals faster. Would you like more information? Contact our consulting team by E-Mail.

We'll make you an individual offer.

No matter which situation applies to you, we'd be glad to hear from you. We'll conduct a thorough needs analysis from which we'll be able to make you an offer tailored to your company's exact needs.

Simply contact us by email or phone:
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+49 40 53412-300