The BIM model is a keystone for the successful application of the BIM method. The earlier you address this area, the easier all subsequent work steps will be. It is therefore advisable to learn about the capabilities and processes of modeling while implementing the methodology at your company. The good news: with card_1 you already have the best solution in your hands. The modeling capabilities in our software are almost limitless and range from BIM as-is modeling to the design of traffic routes through to quantity calculations. All areas of application from the field of infrastructure are represented, including surveying, railway, road and sewer design.

From card_1 version 10, the new smart infra-modeling technology will revolutionise, simplify and accelerate modeling. In no time at all, smart, intelligent automations will help you generate your design as a complete 3D model in full compliance with the guidelines.

One prerequisite for the use of the BIM method is the three-dimensional modeling of the existing conditions and the augmentation of the objects with relevant information. The basis for this is provided by various laser scanning methods, for instance. In order to automate the subsequent modeling as much as possible, the BIM processes must be defined at the beginning of a project and standards for the modeling established. We offer the right support for this with BIM Modeler training and personal consulting services.