Introduction - Let's Get Started

The BIM method is a showcase of the construction industry's pioneering digitalization. It is contributing to greater schedule and cost reliability as well as better quality assurance. But what exactly does BIM mean? For us, it means one thing above all: the future of infrastructure design.

Over the past 10 years, we have gained extensive expertise through our work in consulting, implementing and supporting BIM processes with partners from engineering firms, the public authorities and construction companies. Core tasks include management, modeling and the coordination of multi-dimensional information models. With our BIM Competence Centre and as a certified reseller of the thinkproject solution DESITE BIM, together we can develop an individual digitalization strategy for your company based on our know-how.

It is you and your goals rather than BIM that is the true focus of our work.  We want to work with you to identify digital optimisation potential and from there develop a strategy that meets your requirements.

Will BIM Be Your Future?

Are you wondering whether the BIM method has added value for your work? From our experience we can tell you: it does. To find out which fields of application and how you can best use BIM in your company, we offer a comprehensive range of consulting and implementation services as well as numerous training courses. Together we can develop a BIM strategy that is oriented towards your specific applications. In doing so, we examine and evaluate existing workflows and processes and align them with BIM.

Above all our goal is this: to take the slog off your hands. At our BIM Competence Center, founded in 2019, we offer compact, industry-specific and cross-software training. Instructing employees in the correct use of BIM is a particularly important step to develop a fundamental understanding of the BIM method in your company. Our compact webinars provide an introduction to the BIM methodology and teach you and your employees the most important basics. You will find further extensive courses for card_1 and DESITE BIM in our training calendar. We are also happy to offer you individual training and further education opportunities for our card_1 and DESITE BIM solutions.

BIM Pilot Projects

IB&T is working on solutions that support the BIM process even better: we are developing an expert system integrated into card_1 to automate the creation of traffic routes, the furniture for which will be generated at the same time. This is based on smart infra-modeling technology, which is technically intelligent, rule- and knowledge-based, compliant with regulations and guidelines, and generates a high-quality 3D project model that is suitable for BIM communication and coordination of all project participants. This knowledge and expertise in the field of BIM has already enabled us to accompany many pilot projects in the field of infrastructure planning.