BIM Glossary

Still hesitating? Here we've summarised the most important reasons why it's worth diving into the topic today rather than tomorrow: BIM is already the standard for many public clients, especially now at federal and state level. This is also demonstrated by the BIM Germany initiative, which was launched by the BMVI and the BMI. Future projects will therefore necessitate the use of the new planning method. Your competitors know this just as you do. Medium- and long-term competitiveness is therefore the primary reason to start today. Other, even more deciding factors are time and cost savings. We all know that highly-skilled employees are scarce. BIM helps you to use your resources more productively and efficiently than before. In the process you will discover: BIM is not only fun, but also improves communication and teamwork and thus ensures an increase in the quality of your projects.

To help you get started, we have collected the most important terms of the BIM methodology for you here.

What actually is a BEP? Where is it used? And what do the abbreviations LOD and LOG stand for? Do you know the difference between openBIM and closedBIM? An overview of these and many other important BIM technical terms can be found in our BIM glossary.

The BIM glossary is currently only available on our German website.