card_1 Support Centre Online Service

Whether you need technical or project-specific support or software maintenance – our service staff are available round the clock.

This is made possible by a database which both you and our service staff can access together simultaneously:

  • Just ask us. Regardless whether you're an expert or a beginner, you'll find professional support. Your questions and messages will get a quick online response.
  • You can personally track the status of your questions and messages.
  • Here you'll find what you were looking for. Our service staff have solutions to FAQs already prepared.
  • Keep your card_1 software and card_1 documentation up to date. Simply download new Freshups directly onto your workstation.
  • Contribute to the development. Let us know your ideas, improvement suggestions and wish-list – because the basis for continued successful development of the card_1 system can only come from us talking to you.
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