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Your CARD/1 Support Centre

The CARD/1 Support Centre consists of four areas:

  • FAQs
  • Problem Tickets
  • Tracking
  • Wish-list

Each area can be broken down into further categories:

Current downloads


The FAQs area is your Support Centre starting point.

Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about CARD/1 software.

Categories of interest:

Home page: You can read up to date information and reports from our support team

Show issues: Do you wish to go into more detail? Here you'll find a list of all FAQs with detailed descriptions. You're looking for a particular FAQ? Simply enter the keyword or filter the list.

Download: Update your CARD/1 products via Freshup. Here you'll find up to date software versions, online documentation, demos and sample projects.

Problem ticket form

Problem Tickets

Here you can notify our CARD/1 Support Centre of any issues or questions. Categories of interest are:

Enter issue: Complete the form with a short description of the issue and then simply click "send". As all our service staff are connected online to the Support Centre, your message will immediately be seen, assessed and quickly answered.

We will automatically send you a status report by email in order to keep you posted as to how we're progressing with your query.

Show issues: Do you wish to go into more detail? Here you'll find a detailed list of your queries. Are you looking for a particular query? Simply enter the keyword or filter the list.


This area allows you to personally track Support Centre's progress. Categories of interest are:

Show issues: Should your query or message relate to a particular field, e.g. development or documentation, you can track the progress of your query or message directly in the Support Centre.


This is your area for ideas, improvement suggestions and your wish-list.

We file your suggestions in the area called "wish-list". Here you can observe the current progress status of your suggestions.

We are very pleased to have your commitment, because the basis for continued successful development of the CARD/1 system can only come from us talking to you.

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