From surveying in the field all the way to the finished design, card_1 ensures seamless project work.

The surveying modules are ideal for completing standard tasks quickly and clearly as well as solving demanding geodetic problems, including comprehensive reporting. This applies to field work as well as office work.

Point Management

Point management, import and output of points.

Graphic Fieldbook

Control and import of observation data from total stations, processing of observations and capture of object information, setting-out. Capable of user control in the field.

Tacheometer Transfer

Data transfer between electronic fieldbooks (Zeiss, Leica, Topcon, Geodimeter, Trimble, etc.) and card_1, preparation of data for processing using Surveying module.

Surveying / Surveying (Rail)

You can solve your surveying-related standard tasks using the module Surveying. Besides the interactive graphic evaluation of tacheometric measurements, the module provides all of the important coordinate transformations, the calculation of setting-out values and many more features.


Transform coordinates for project data. Supports various transformations such as Federal state solutions for GK/ETRS89, NTv2-transformations, control point-based methods and setting transformation parameters etc. Optional transformation "on the fly" when importing and exporting project data such as ALKIS-imports.


You can use this module to import, edit, manage and evaluate surveying information logged with automatic levelling instruments from manufacturers such as, Leica, Topcon and Zeiss.

Engineering levelling and precise levelling are both calculated. The results are saved as point heights. Cross-sections are also generated when evaluating cross-section surveys. Height differences, once calculated, can be used as observations in network adjustments.

Network Adjustment

Network measurements are amazingly easy to evaluate using card_1. Intelligent network sketches display the quality of your observations and indicate where corrections should be applied. The card_1 Network Adjustment has been officially certified by the DB Netz AG (Track Infrastructure Corporate Division of the German Federal Railways).

Point Cloud Management

Point cloud import (e.g. laser scanner data). Coloured display in the base map, in longitudinal profiles and cross-sections. Create and output drawings to any common plotters or printers.

Point Cloud Evaluation

Generate longitudinal profiles, cross-sections and terrain points from point clouds. Additional commands in the cross-section designer to access point cloud data in cross-sections.

ALKIS Import

Import and revise the official geobasis data: land survey register and real estate register (ALKIS®), topographic data (ATKIS®) and fixed points (AFIS®) according to the AdV's AAA model. Preview on-screen. Updates with revised data.