From initial data logging to setting-out work and intermediate check surveys right through to volumetric calculations, card_1 is the system of choice for those involved in earthworks planning.

The digital terrain model is an excellent tool with which new or existing waste disposal sites can be planned or extended. Elongated earth structures, such as embankments, can be modelled particularly efficiently using the card_1 cross-section designer.

The features available in the 3D applications enable you to clearly visualize your designs – which is of great help when planning attractive golf courses.

  • Graphic fieldbook for data logging and setting-out; mobile project data
  • 3D terrain models from points and cross-sections
  • Numerous construction and evaluation tools
  • Contours calculation on the basis of rounded surfaces taking break lines into account; annotation according to RAS-Verm
  • Interpolation of profiles and cross-sections along alignments and lines
  • Visualization of cut and fill areas, intersecting lines, flow directions
  • Management of different horizons
  • 3D display of the models (topographic data, planning stage)
  • Volumetric calculations according to REB methods
  • Evaluation of aerial (photogrammetric) data

For numerous engineering offices and construction companies working on earthworks projects, card_1 is the system of choice.