Drainage Systems

Get your drainage systems under control with card_1: from the initial survey and the management of existing sewer networks right through to planning, calculating and designing future networks.

Drainage-related project work is fully incorporated within the card_1 system, ensuring access to all project data all the time, without any tiresome media breaks or redundancy.

The card_1 sewer components make light work of any civil engineering tasks, allowing you to work quickly, effectively and target-oriented:

  • Data capture using any common tacheometers, semi-automated on-screen digitization of raster images.
  • Hydrological calculations according to time coefficient methods, RAS-Ew, DS 836 as well as EN 752 and ATV-A 118 including up to 999 rainfalls, 250,000 reaches or 10,000 special structures (stormwater tanks, backwater sewers, inverted syphons, pumps, weirs) per sewer network.
  • A hydrodynamic calculation method using model rainfalls and long-term simulations combined with the determination of submerged areas and flood curves at all critical points.
  • Hydrological sewer profiles to suit your individual needs. Integration of the sewers into road profiles in compliance with RE, also independently of hydrological calculations.
  • Sewer base maps for all planning phases, for either new designs or redesigns - flexible in both content and scale, and based on the current data. By optimizing the positioning of the annotations prior to completion, editing is kept to a minimum.
  • Utilization diagrams as well as information on other crossing or parallel utility systems.
  • Finished plans and drawings according to RAS-Ew and DIN 2425 with all symbols and plan details conforming to the relevant guidelines.
  • Interfaces to all common sewer applications via the ISYBAU interface.
  • Volumetric calculations, calculation according to REB, digital terrain model.

Many medium-sized to large road and sewer planning offices as well as local authorities are currently putting the card_1 sewer components to good use.

Water Management Pro

This area provides Water Management Classic with additional modules for sewer planning and calculation, damage reports, evaluating the existing conditions and sewer rehabilitation, planning drinking water pipelines, pipeline calculation and pipeline network management. These include modules for construction, editing and hydraulic calculation of watercourses.

  • The sewer cadastre provides convenient functions to set up, manage, calculate, document, analyse and assess sewer networks. The sewer cadastre's job manager matches individual maintenance dates for network elements and structures according to contract requirements.
  • Sewer rehabilitation offers operators, planners and others involved a quick and easy planning aid for rehabilitation tasks.
  • There are special structures in addition to sewer planning to design, edit, manage and calculate special structures for local drainage. These are classified as either main or substructures, according to ISYBAU. It is also possible to calculate centralized and decentralized drainage facilities according to ATV-DVWK-worksheet A 138.
  • Logging a sewer's existing conditions allows users to generate an expert database with the required technical data on the sewer network out of the raw surveying data.
  • The modules for pipeline planning make it possible to design water supply pipeline networks based on the database, including node detailing. Design and management of house connections has also been integrated. There is direct access to the data contained in the base map and digital terrain model.

There are currently many mid- to large-sized road and water management planning offices, network operators and local councils working with card_1's Water Management components.