IB&T's innovative software solution card_1 has been used for over 35 years: in planning offices, by engineers, in town planning departments, municipalities and at universities. If you have always wanted to know what the abbreviation IB&T stands for, when sewer planning became possible with card_1 or which partners were added along the way, you have come to the right place. With our timeline you can take a journey through the history of IB&T. Have fun marvelling and discovering.



Introduced card_1 at the 69th German Day of Geodesy
in Düsseldorf


Road Design



Harry Basedow B.Eng and Thomas Tornow B.Bus founded
the limited company Ingenieurbüro Basedow & Tornow



Partnership with Interaktive Grafik Milde GmbH,
Base Map, Land Acquisition


Rail Design, Rail Surveying



Presented the solution at the
CeBIT trade fair in Hannover


Partnership with Pecher Software GmbH,
Calculation core components sewer

Sewer Design


Relocated to the newly-built head office
in Norderstedt


The German Federal Railways certified
the card_1 network adjustment

Takeover of GEO DIGITAL GmbH

Partnership with A+S Consult GmbH,
3D Visualisation


data exchange


Takeover of
RZI Software GmbH


Partnership with tandler.com GmbH,


Partnership with aRES Datensysteme,
Water Management


IB&T celebrates the 30th anniversary of the
software solution card_1.



New RZI application cost calculation AKVS/elKe
for cost planning and calculation

Entered field of Building
Information Modeling


Partnerships for AVA and BIM: G&W Software AG,
BECHMANN GmbH and ceapoint aec technologies GmbH

Uwe Hüttner B.Arch appointed new General Manager
of IB&T Ingenieurbüro Basedow & Tornow GmbH


IB&T is a founding member of the buildingSMART Deutschland e.V. specialist group BIM Traffic
Routes. Managing Director Uwe Hüttner becomes spokesman for the specialist group.

Renamed company to be IB&T Software GmbH
from 9 July 2018


Introduced smart infra-modeling technology
at the infraTagen and events

Cooperation agreements with STRABAG SE, Bickhardt Bau AG,
EIBS GmbH, VIC GmbH and KREBS+Kiefer Ingenieure GmbH.
The aim is to continue developing card_1 in line with BIM.


Partnership with thinkproject,
reseller for DESITE BIM

First publication of the buildingSMART Deutschland e.V.
specialist group BIM Traffic Routes. The volume entitled
"BIM - Classes of Traffic Routes" contains a catalogue of
all the necessary object classes and groups for BIM modelling
in the field of traffic routes.



card_1 receives the BIMSWARM certificate as the first certified product in the category "CAD-BIM Modelling Traffic Routes".


Cooperation agreement with Mailänder Consult GmbH. The aim of the cooperation is to strengthen rail  infrastructure design in card_1.

New partnership with Bluebeam GmbH.


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