A Change in Management at IB&T Software GmbH

A Bavarian up north: Bernhard Braun succeeds Harry Basedow as Managing Director of IB&T Software GmbH. Along with Managing Director Uwe Hüttner and authorised signatory Christine Picker, he will lead the Norderstedt-based software company from 1 June 2023.

M. A. Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Braun, new Managing Director at IB&T Software GmbH at company headquarters in Norderstedt.

The 58-year-old surveying engineer Bernhard Braun will be responsible for the entire product development division. In his role as head of product management and product design, he has worked closely with management over many years. "I'm looking forward to continued collaborative and constructive teamwork with my colleagues, our employees and partners, and to the rapid advancement of innovative ideas," says Braun.

IB&T is the manufacturer of the BIM traffic route design software card_1 and a reseller of other products such as DESITE BIM, Revu and BricsCAD. The release of card_1 version 10.0 in November 2022 is just a taste of the innovative technologies to come that the Norderstedt-based software company is currently working on. This version is based on smart infra-modeling technology. It bundles knowledge of relevant regulations, engineering know-how and current industry requirements into a platform for designing infrastructure projects. For Bernhard Braun, it holds huge potential for future developments: "With the new Road Design based on smart infra-modeling technology, an automated design system has been created that makes BIM-compliant modeling of roads possible. This is where we will continue our work and pave the way for further innovations.”

IB&T founder and shareholder Harry Basedow is retiring from day-to-day operations as managing director at his own request. In the future, he would like to concentrate on his core competencies and invest more time in further developing the card_1 system: “I am convinced that this is the best way for me to put more momentum into the projects which are so important for card_1. And if necessary, I will of course also contribute my experience to other product development topics," says Basedow, outlining his plan to remain active as the sole shareholder of IB&T Software GmbH. After 35 years since the company was founded, he is now putting the fortunes of the software house in competent hands. "As I see things, Bernhard Braun, with his expertise, is the ideal person to fill the role of managing director."

At the upcoming card_1 infraDays, the managing directors Bernhard Braun and Uwe Hüttner, along with the tour team from HQ and throughout Germany, will present current industry trends and the company's development.

Norderstedt, 6 June 2023