Yongwu-Heading up into the Interior

It will play a vital role in the development of the infrastructure and the economy of this rough mountainous region. The design institute used card_1 for this challenging project.

Complex Design

The entire motorway has four lanes. The standard cross-section RQ25.5 together with a design speed of 80km/h was used for 74km and 121km were designed using the standard cross-section RQ26 with a design speed of 100km/h.

Despite the quick design process, the design quality never suffered.

Project facts:

  • A total volume of 30,355,000m3 had to be moved.
  • The asphalt surface is 3,255,000m2 and the concrete surface area is 512,000m2 in size.
  • Altogether, the 130 bridges are 37km long. 339 culverts for rivers and drainage facilities totalling a length of 19km had to be calculated. What’s more, 29 tunnels with an overall length of 29km, 11 intersections and 26 junctions with a total bridge length of 2.3km were part of the project.
  • 230 crossing facilities for pedestrians have been planned, 91 of which are below ground and 8 of which are footbridges with a total length of 546m. The safety facilities cover the entire length of the motorway.
  • 29,636 plans were produced for the design.
  • The construction costs are estimated to total approx. 12bn RMB, equivalent to 1.2bn Euro.


Fujian Sanmingyongwu Autobahn GmbH
Longyanyongwu Autobahn GmbH


2005 - 2006


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