Reconstruction of the Station Überlingen

The new train station Überlingen/Town Centre was designed to improve the link between the public transport system's road and rail networks. The station is located within the area of the existing tunnel mouth on both sides of the street Wiestorstraße along the train route Stahringen-Friedrichshafen.

The new station is part of plans to develop the new central bus station to the north of the through-cut. The new platform is 130m long by 4m wide between the platform edge and the existing retaining wall.

This project is relatively small yet demanding – and can only be tackled with the correct specialist software. The card_1 cross-section designer in particular helped the project team transform their ideas into actual plans. The ability to combine photos and drawings was much appreciated by the project team and was also of great help when compiling the project documentation.

Project facts:

  • platform length approx. 130m
  • total cost ca. € 450,000


Große Kreisstadt Überlingen with close collaboration of DG Station & Service AG SET Objekt- und Baumanagement


2000 - 2001


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