Metro Amsterdam - De Noord / Zuidlijn

The Dutch metropolis of Amsterdam is extending its metro network with a north to south connection. The 9.5 km route from Buikslotermeerplein via Centraal Station to Zuid/WTC is designed to extend the existing network and to relieve the above ground traffic systems.

The construction work on the tunnel started at the Centraal Station in 2003.

200,000 passengers a day are expected to use the new route after the planned opening in the year 2011. The complicated subsoil and groundwater conditions in Amsterdam – the city rests on up to 15m-deep wooden stilts – proved to be a special challenge for both planners and card_1.

Project facts:

  • 9.5 km route length
  • 8 stations
  • travel time 16 min


Gemeente Amsterdam, Dienst Infrastructuur Verkeer en Verwoer



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