Complete redevelopment of inner-city streets in Dakar

In the year 2000 the Agence d'Execution des Travaux d'Interet Public contre le Sous-emploi commissioned a local engineering office with the complete redevelopment of certain inner-city streets in the capital city of Dakar. This agency is a public body in Senegal whose mandate is to initiate job-creating projects.

Existing conditions and the resulting planning

card_1 was used for both the essential surveying of the existing conditions and the resulting planning. The engineers and technicians involved used the English version of card_1 to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. The work involved terrestrial surveying and the evaluation of the existing conditions using traverses and polar surveys.

This required the generation of existing conditions plans 1:1000 and digital terrain models. At first, road alignments were determined for the existing conditions, followed by the calculation of optimized vertical alignments using the longitudinal profiles derived from the DTM.

A standard cross-section was used for the redeveloped streets. It consists of a 3m-wide carriageway bordered by a 30cm-wide kerb to the left and right while the pavement between the kerb and adjoining houses was wide enough to allow for social interaction between residents and guests.

The road surface primarily consists of a 15cm asphaltic base course on laterite planum. The kerb is set on 5cm lean concrete and the footpath consists of 5cm-thick paving stones which lie on a 10cm-thick sand bed.

The planning documents comprise base maps on a 1:1000 scale, including longitudinal profiles 1:1000/100 and cross-sections on a 1:100 scale every 25m.

Project facts:

  • Complete redevelopment of inner-city streets
  • Senegal, Dakar


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