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card_1 at a Glance

card_1 at a Glance

The professional CAD software card_1 provides unique features when working on projects, thus increasing your lead on the competition: you'll always be one step ahead.

Whether you are surveying, planning routes or presenting projects, you can be sure you're putting your time to best use when working on your PC.

Comprehensive System

  • CAD comprehensive solution for civil engineering
  • Seamless and uniform user interface
  • Integrated highly productive programming language
  • Integrated 3D data model
  • Intelligent engineering-specific solutions
  • BIM conformable data exchange - Building Information Modeling
  • Modular structure
  • Network solutions

The card_1 System

All Applications for Civil Engineering

  • Engineering and cadastral surveying
  • Planning of roads, traffic routes and junctions; both urban and rural
  • Railway planning for DB AG (Federal Railways), tramways, underground lines
  • Special Maglev routing
  • Drainage projects with hydraulic calculations
  • Waterway planning
  • Sewer networks, freshwater networks, pipelines
  • Waste disposal sites and embankments
  • Land development planning, land-use planning
  • Environmental protection

Fields of Applications

Solutions for the Entire Workflow

  • For engineers and drafters
  • Graphic fieldbook for on-site surveying
  • Geodetic calculations
  • ETRS89/UTM-Transformations
  • Point cloud evaluation
  • Base map creation
  • Digital terrain model
  • Preliminary design, design planning, execution planning
  • Automated drawing creation
  • Sophisticated drawing editing
  • Setting-out
  • Land acquisition
  • Volumetric calculations, cost calculations
  • Presentation / 3D visualization
  • Project archiving

card_1 Tours

Convenient Data Exchange

  • ALKIS, WM/WFS, Shape
  • EDBS, Bgrund, DFK, SICAD
  • VERM.ESN, GND-Edit (track network database)
  • ISYBau
  • SoundPLAN

Interface Modules Overview

Tried and Tested World-wide

  • Supports all specialist standards
  • 7,500 users
  • Available in several languages
  • 34 years of practical usage


Comprehensive Customer Service

  • Comprehensive training
  • Services consulting
  • Online Support Centre
  • Telephone hotline service
  • Regular software updates
  • Extensive documentation