Regardless whether you are compiling topographic data, setting-out, or working on cadastral or monitoring surveys, regardless whether you use tachymeter, GNNSS or laserscanner - card_1 helps you to quickly and reliably manage your surveying-related tasks in the field as well as in the office. card_1 guarantees smooth project work, from data logging in the field right up to the finished plan.

Tacheometers, GNSS, fieldbooks and automatic levels have been carefully tied into the system, thus guaranteeing seamless project work without any media breaks. Do you evaluate your measurements in the office? Then take advantage of our unique, easy-to-use functions. Interactive survey diagrams assist your work when running geodetic calculations. Incorrect measurements can easily be identified and eliminated. You never lose track of the project status, even when performing batch evaluations.

card_1 supports all surveying-related calculation methods. You can determine your observation points using the following methods: plan and/or height adjustment, traverses or free stationing. Height connections can be calculated by processing tacheometric or levelling measurements. You can make use of automated evaluation methods when compiling topographic data. Line connections and symbols are automatically generated at the click of the mouse. Finished plans are created in the same manner. Technically sound symbol and line libraries (e.g.. RAS-VERM) are taken into account.

Do you also work with a graphic fieldbook? card_1 lets you take the entire project data out into the field! You can immediately check your observations within the context of the base map data (cadastre, orthophotos, previous surveys). When setting-out, the original planning data is also available.

Top Features:

  • Mobile project data using a graphic fieldbook (tachymeter, GNSS)
  • Digitizing of scanned-in maps on-screen and at the digitizer
  • Hybrid data processing using background orthophotos etc.
  • Data interfaces for ALKIS, WMS/WFS, Shape,ALK, ALB, topography (EDBS, BGrund, DFK, Sicad, DXF/DWG etc.)
  • Transformation solutions in order to transform project data between the Gauß-Krüger system and ETRS89
  • User-definable formats to import and export point data
  • Clearly structured evaluations of the measurements in interactive survey diagrams
  • Standard methods of levelling, network adjustment (certified by the DB AG), traverse, stationing, radial survey and elevated point to ground mark connection
  • Geodetic constructions with reports
  • Transformations, e.g. Helmert, affine (among others) with remaining error distribution
  • In-depth analysis of the measurement data by the system
  • Regional error limits and error formulae are taken into account
  • User-designed result reports including samples
  • Interactive graphic editing of area calculations based on official methods
  • Automatically generate base map data (e.g. lines) from survey points (Base map generator)
  • Topographic data plans according to guidelines (RAS-VERM, base map for a planning permission application)
  • Digital terrain models with contours - break lines are correctly taken into account
  • Data exchange with all common third party systems
  • Point cloud's (laser scanner data) powerful data management system makes it possible to process even vast amounts of data very quickly with photo-realistic display in all the project views

card_1 has been successfully used for 35 years in surveying and engineering offices, state and communal authorities and construction firms; for both national and international projects.