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Power at 30 – CARD/1 Version 9.0 with 64 Bit

Modified CARD/1 sewer-toolbox: here a realistic image of the flooded area - will the pavement's kerb hold out against the water?

Concrete objects, such as buildings, street lights, fences and more can be generated in CARD/1 at the push of a button with the structures toolbox.

The CARD/1 Project View lends itself as a visual checking tool - outliers in a DTM calculation are quickly spotted. (DTM: digital terrain model)

With CARD/1 3D-Project View an aerial image can be projected onto the DTM of a landfill site.

CARD/1 - 30 years on the market for civil engineering.

IB&T Ingenieurbüro Basedow & Tornow GmbH is to present Version 9.0 of the CAD civil engineering software CARD/1. It is also celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

The new version will support current Windows operating systems and profit from 64 Bit technology. The advantages will be felt in the day-to-day use of the software, particularly in data-intensive applications such as processing point clouds and raster images, DTMs, the 3D project view, DXF/DWG and OKSTRA data transfers. CARD/1 has undergone extensive modernisation. As IB&T Sales Manager Elmar Driesch puts it, "No stone has been left unturned and when reassembled, all the CARD/1 elements fit back together into one seamless, comprehensive system".

New 3D Project View
The re-designed 3D Project View is easier to use and in addition, enables users to project aerial images onto DTM surfaces. This provides an extremely clear and realistic display. Images can be saved in user-defined resolutions and it is this integrated function that allows users to forward or use 3D displays in e.g. explanatory reports.

New Route Simulation
The route simulator used to work in its own, individually generated 3D environment: now users can take a virtual drive of their planned routes within the 3D Project View. This means intersecting or joining roads are taken into account and with them, the entire project data model found in CARD/1. A virtual fly-over is also possible.

Water Management
IB&T also has news in the area of water management applications. Here the focus is on civil engineering solutions for designing and managing drainage and water supply networks as well as new functions especially for surveyors: logging the existing conditions of sewers and pipelines.

BIM Building Information Modeling
With its seamless, integral and central use of CARD/1 planning data, spatial display and 3D simulation, CARD/1 is already a CAD-design system that incorporates the most important BIM (Building Information Modeling) principles. The new CARD/1 Version 9.0 supports intelligent engineering objects which will prove an excellent basis for BIM- compliant design and construction. As a member of BuildingSmart, an association dedicated to standardizing processes and open interfaces (OpenBIM), the IB&T Group is involved in standardizing BIM-compliant data exchange.

IB&T's subsidiary RZI Software GmbH will also be at the trade fair stand. Staff will be happy to explain in detail the current version of their product RZI Tiefbau for AutoCAD and BricsCAD with the new applications ALKIS Pro, sewer cadastre and pipeline planning. New features and the latest updates will be presented and users introduced to short-cuts, helping them to manage their work-flow quicker, more effectively and more target-oriented.

The IB&T Group's trade fair stand
Neue Messe Stuttgart, Hall 6, Stand F6.059

Norderstedt, 26.08.2015
[3.232 Zeichen, 409 Wörter]