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New Interactive 3D Sewer Design with CARD/1

Water level display in the 3D Project View highlighting any areas in danger of flooding.

The CARD/1 3D Project View makes it very easy to assess the layout of the network.

CARD/1: The hydraulic calculation results are visualised in the base map showing the capacity utilization of the individual reaches and any manhole flooding.

The software company IB&T will present CARD/1’s new interactive 3D Sewer Design at the IFAT ENTSORGA.

The CAD software CARD/1 is used by engineers, designers and communal authorities for surveying tasks, designing railways and roads as well as for the hydraulic calculation of sewer networks. Users can calculate sewer networks using either the hydrological or the hydrodynamic approach to produce illustrative profile, cross-section and base map drawings as part of a network design process. Alternatively, they can compile engineering-standard evaluations as tables and diagrams.

The three basic views of base map, profile and cross-section, however, don’t always provide the amount of information required to assess the quality of a sewer network. Complex profiles, crossing sewer lines and uncertain water levels quite often make it very difficult to judge the sewer design based on the plans or the 2D views alone. A lot of time can be wasted in the design process as it sometimes takes quite a bit of tinkering to determine that specific invert height which definitely avoids running into a second sewer line.

The new user interface and the 3D display of the network make the design process with CARD/1 very easy and increase the design quality significantly. All editing steps are now dialog-based and can be accessed from the CAD menu. Once the user has imported the sewer network it becomes an integral part of the 3D project view and the base map view. Good-bye FLI: the user interface is now truly an interface between the user and the hydraulic calculation data (FLI file). The new display features significantly reduce the user’s workload by clearly visualising the hydraulic calculation results: showing the capacity utilization of the individual reaches and any manhole flooding in the base map as well as visualising the water level in the 3D project view and thus pointing out any areas in danger of flooding.

IB&T GmbH will present these and further new features of the current Version 8.4 at the IFAT ENTSORGA. Joining IB&T at the Schleswig-Holstein booth will be our subsidiary, RZI Software GmbH, presenting our software from 7th - 11th May 2012, Trade Fair Munich, Hall B3, Booth 222.

Norderstedt, 21.03.2012
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