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Happy Birthday CARD/1! 30 years of CARD/1 – 30th Anniversary Birthday Bash

8 May 2015, IB&T's Managing Director Harry Basedow BEng welcomes his guests to company HQ in Norderstedt.

230 customers, partners, staff and friends of the IB&T Ingenieurbüro Basedow & Tornow GmbH celebrate CARD/1's 30th birthday at company HQ in Norderstedt.

Congratulations CARD/1! Gerd Niederschuh, IB&T partner from Dresden, congratulates Harry Basedow with an apple tree …

… Happy 30th birthday CARD/1!

Software from Hamburg – the 30th CARD/1 anniversary had a maritime motto.

IB&T's garden was perfect for a demonstration at the anniversary event.

Elmar Driesch, IB&T's Head of Sales, giving a brief talk about the upcoming CARD/1 Version 9.0.

Jutta Schnabel, IB&T Project Manager, reported on CARD/1 and BIM.

The 30th birthday guest book – a nice opportunity to add a personal note. IB&T was thrilled with all the well-wishes.

To get everyone in the mood, first the female-duo Franz Albers and Käpt'n Kruse, then ...

... the Polish band Cotton Wing ...

....with CARD/1 employee Janusz Wawrzynowicz on bass...

... and the band Still in Search with Adam Basedow on bass.

IB&T's garden came alive in the evening, the lights adding to the great atmosphere.

Saturday 9 May 2015: Guests and staff enjoyed a boat trip through Hamburg's port. IB&T thanks its guests for a very successful celebration.

On the 8 May 2015, 230 of the IB&T Group's customers, partners, staff and friends celebrated CARD/1's 30th birthday at company headquarters in Norderstedt.

The party kicked off at 11 in the morning with an entertaining and informative programme of talks, presentations and sneak previews of CARD/1 development, accompanied throughout the day by a sumptuous buffet and ending at midnight after a great party and live music.

In his welcoming speech IB&T's Managing Director Harry Basedow BEng looked back on the company's beginnings, such as his first presenting the CAD software CARD/1 in 1985 at the "Geodätedtag", later to become today's INTERGEO specialist trade fair. He also thanked all his customers and business partners for their loyalty and excellent working relationship over the years.

Thomas Brockmann, member of the CARD/1 support team and trainer since 1996, MC'd the day with aplomb, entertaining the guests and steering them through the day's programme. Talks on the dynamic swept turning path and the 3D-Project View, for example, drew many pundits. IB&T's business partner aRES Datensysteme presented its new water management modules "Pro": sewer planning, sewer cadastre, rehabilitation and pipeline planning. Guests could take a sneak preview of the upcoming CARD/1 Version 9.0: 64-bit technology to fully exploit future hardware and operating systems capacity. Rail planners, too, got their money's worth when current CARD/1 Rail developments were presented, as did those listening to the talk on "CARD/1 and BIM". IB&T is actively looking into BIM and took the opportunity to present how the BIM methods can currently be used in CARD/1.

CARD/1's solutions for traffic route planning are used in numerous projects, such as designing the Hamburg Lid, covering part of the A7 motorway in Hamburg, and are well-established at the German Railways. So in order to do justice to the practical side of things, engineers from well-known engineering firms gave guests a look at how they use CARD/1 in their projects. Andreas Schmidt-Böllert of Hanack und Partner presented plans for the new underground train line U4 in Hamburg. Marcus Orlicek of Ingenieurbüro Dr. Sauermann-Orlicek-Rohen GmbH reported on surveying football stadiums and the knowledge subsequently gained. Mario Schönherr of DEGES GmbH showed guests selected projects currently being undertaken by DEGES Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, such as the A7 motorway extension and the Rendsburger viaduct.

CARD/1 is a powerful tool for surveying engineers, enabling them to evaluate laser scanner data logged using UAVs, for instance. IB&T has cooperation agreements with various service providers in this field. Torsten Kanand of AirRotorMedia GmbH and Prof. Albrecht Grimm of IGI Ingenieur-Gesellschaft für Interfaces mbH enjoyed demonstrating photogrammetric surveying vehicles and drones to log point clouds in IB&T's own garden, which was promptly converted into a demonstration area for the purpose.

Besides their usual contact partners, guests could consult the entire IB&T staff and colleagues from the various subsidiaries and business partners. Sales and support staff were stationed at four service points to answer questions and give advice on the up and running system.

Using the tongue-in-cheek motto "CARD/1 – 30 Error-free Years ;)" the MC rounded off the day's programme with a humorous look at support staff and software users' daily reality.

Summer weather, great music and excellent catering all made for an excellent birthday party. "...sensational event with just the right mix of fun, information and news...", "...I've finally put names to all the faces...", "...all the best CARD/1!" – some of the feedback by guests from Berlin and Hanover. Harry Basedow and team thank all their guests for coming and for all the well-wishes sent for CARD/1's birthday bash from near and far.

2015 is the IB&T GmbH Group's anniversary – there'll be further activities along these lines and the trade fair stand at the INTERGEO in Stuttgart in September will further celebrate 30 years of  CARD/1.

CARD/1's timeline began in 1985. From the start CARD/1 stood out with its practical road planning modules and powerful cross-section development. And in the intervening years it has not stood still, but has been constantly upgraded and perfected and is currently available in German, English, Chinese, Polish and Russian. From small beginnings, IB&T is now a middle-sized company with partners throughout the world. Its headquarters are in Norderstedt where 45 employees take care of development, sales, marketing, support, training, documentation and administration for domestic customers. The IB&T Group, along with its subsidiaries GEO DIGITAL GmbH and RZI Software GmbH, is a leading provider today of traffic route planning on various CAD platforms.

Norderstedt, 19.05.2015
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