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25 Years CARD/1 - A Tool for Every Day

25 Years CARD/1

Harry Basedow, General Manager and Head of Development at IB&T GmbH, in the IB&T Head Office, located in Norderstedt, near Hamburg.

The IB&T service staff provide individual, competent and thorough support.

High quality management and the commitment of each individual employee make the difference.

CARD/1 has been on the market for 25 years and certainly has what it takes!

The age of CARD/1 starts in 1985, the year the computer manufacturer IBM put AT, its first personal computer for commercial use, on the market.

The PC was like a start-gun for Harry Basedow: "Having developed software for a number of years for an engineering office for road planning I could now turn my ideas of a completely new PC-based engineering tool into reality. My goal being an integrated and on-screen design system for road planners and surveyors. On top of that, the program system was to be specially tailored for personal computers, thus making it also possible for small engineering offices to enter the modern IT world."

Today, after 25 years, CARD/1 is the most successful integrated program system for surveying, road design, railway planning and sewer planning in Germany and in many other countries.

There are many reasons why CARD/1 has spread this far. Modern engineering offices today have to provide a wide and flexible scope of services in order to land good jobs; both within and beyond Germany’s borders. Besides highly skilled personnel, it’s working with professional software that guarantees a successful job.

CARD/1 provides a wide range of engineering-grade functions to design roads and railways of any type, as well as earth structures, waterways and ports. CARD/1 also features solutions in the field of land acquisition, calculating quantities or producing project approval documents. Not to mention the various functions to log the existing conditions in the field or to process, manage and evaluate the data in the office.

CARD/1’s biggest trump card, especially for large-scale and complex projects, is its unlimited flexibility. Besides the hundreds of engineering-grade functions there is a similar range of general functions and data types. And even if some tasks seem to push CARD/1 to its limits, there is CardScript, the integrated CARD/1 programming interface and its unlimited possibilities which quickly has you forgetting any restrictions.

Whereas other systems mostly provide add-ons for these fields of application or simply a compilation of individual programs, CARD/1 is made out of one mould. Neither are there different or contradicting philosophies within CARD/1 nor visible differences between older and newer modules. Instead of relying on many third-party components IB&T develops the majority of the CARD/1 elements itself. IB&T is therefore almost completely independent of any other software producers and can very quickly fix any bugs or develop new features.

High customer satisfaction is also based on the high-quality customer support. 

Harry Basedow: "After 25 years of hard and successful work we know today that we are still on the right track. Yet we will not rest on our laurels. That’s why we are not only working on the next CARD/1 version but at the same time also designing the planning system of the future; making your work even easier, quicker and more reliable.

I would therefore like to thank you, our partners and all of my employees for all the successful and enjoyable work we’ve done together over the past 25 years. I am looking forward to many more years to come."