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Always on the ball with what's new. A subscription to our RSS Newsfeed will keep you posted on the latest news on even if you haven't visited our website.

In order to receive the card_1 Newsfeeds, please enter the following addresses into your RSS Newsreader:

IB&T News

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These internet addresses use the RSS version 0.91. If you require another RSS Newsfeed version, please click here.

What is RSS Newsfeed?

RSS Newsfeed is the modern version of a newsletter. If you subscribe to our RSS Newsfeed, your RSS Newsreader (a reader program) fetches any news items on our website and presents them as a heading (plus a brief synopsis) which you can click onto. If you're interested in the article, simply click onto it to open it in your browser.

Where can I get a Newsreader?

In order to subscribe to and read RSS Newsfeed, you need an RSS Newsreader. Various programs with different system requirements are available free of charge. We've put a list of various RSS Newsreaders together:

Operating SystemProgramms
Windows 10:RSSOwl 2.2.1, QuiteRSS, RSSBandit
Up to Windows 8:Nextgen Reader, Windows 8 RSS Reader, Dark RSS Reader
Up to Windows 7:RssReader, RSSOwl 2.2.1
Linux:Liferea, Akregator, RSSOwl 2.2.1
Mac:RSSOwl 2.2.1, NetNewsWire, Newsfire
Android:Feedly, RSS Reader, gReader
iOSFeedly, Feeddler RSS Reader, Newsify
FireFox:Feedly, Simple RSS Reader (SRR), NewsFox
Google Chrome:Feedly, RSS Live Links
Internet Explorer:Integrated


In order to install a Newsreader, please follow the instructions contained in the website offering the Newsreader.