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Phase one of construction on the B 178n in Saxony to be a BIM project

B 178, start of construction at junction...

... and completion of construction

Plans to create a high-capacity north-south connection to the B 178n highway in eastern Saxony.

Congratulations to our customer EIBS GmbH of Dresden, who took part in the public procurement regulation process conducted by DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstrassenplanungs- und bau GmbH) and has been awarded the contract to plan phase one of the B 178n as a BIM project. They will do stages 3 to 5 according to HOAI (fee structure for architects and engineers) on the basis of an extensive EIR (Employer's Information Requirements) document. Planning entails a new 5.5km three-lane highway to bridge the gap between the BAB 4 AS Weißenberg and the junction to the B 178n at Nostitz.

As EIBS GmbH reports, they will be taking a step jointly with DEGES to realize BMVI's (Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) graduated scheme of digital planning and construction, and will be working with the BIM method. This method facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among the various specialists involved in the project on a three-dimensional level. The plan is to collate all relevant information into a virtual model allowing aggregate evaluations and comparisons. Another IB&T partner, GSP Network GmbH of Hamburg, will see to overall BIM coordination, their primary task being to ensure the project work is conducted according to BIM standards and its most up-to-date processes.

EIBS GmbH is a traffic planning engineering office. The company provides a comprehensive range of services and can draw on years of experience in small and large-scale projects. Its engineers have been working with CARD/1 for over 28 years - the first licence for the "Entwurfsbüro Straßenwesen Dresden GmbH" was issued 4 December 1990.

IB&T will follow the BIM project closely: what we learn from it will then be used to further optimise CARD/1's BIM capability.