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New CARD/1 Version 9.0 available

No more DVDs - Download Version 9.0 directly from the IB&T cloud.

New drawing designs for your plans - first in colour.

Followed by grey scale designs.

Generate bridge structures in line with BIM when designing routes.

New structures in the structures library.

New: We no longer ship CARD/1 via DVD. You will find everything you need to install CARD/1 Version 9.0 in the Download Centre.

Here you will find the installation package, the installation guide, the documentation detailing the changes and additional sample or template projects. You can also order your personal licence data here which you will need for the installation.

Highlights and Features of CARD/1 Version 9.0

  • 64 bit system with updated database system for more computing power
  • complete 3D Project View redesign with integrated Route Simulation for optimum overview
  • optimised support of BIM processes - CPIXML
  • enhanced user interface and workflow for even better usability
  • always up-to-date with the CARD/1 Updater
  • extended catalog-based switch library
  • drawing designs and macro lines for even more detailed designs and technical drawings


If you use our software, like our design or would simply like to wow someone, then please try out our wallpapers - free of charge.

We hope you will enjoy working with the new Version 9.0. Just ask us. Simply contact us by email or phone.