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3D Structures - More than just a point of view

3D Structures - housing estate. Display of an estate of terraced houses with complex building structures. Houses with balconies, dormers and gable roofs.

Bus Stop with bus shelter and clock.

3D Structures - detailed view. Hospital with water supply.

It's really easy to generate 3D structures with CARD/1. The structures are displayed with their actual dimensions in all views, i.e. in the base map, in the sectional views and the 3D project view.

This is very useful during both the design phase and also when visualizing your project. CARD/1's 3D structures are out now! - and available to all clients. With literally a mouse-click, 3D structures with their actual geometry are generated from your project data. In no time at all you can generate conduits, manholes and buildings as well as tracks and platforms along alignments.

The 3D structures are displayed in all project views - in the base map as a plan view and in the 3D project view as a 3D structure. The sections for all existing 3D structures are displayed in the profile and cross-sectional views, e.g. crossing utilities. Visualizing mains, buildings, tracks or platforms significantly enhances the 3D project model.

You can easily check your measurements and your design with the 3D structures and your project presentations become even more impressive. By using CardScript, the new CARD/1 programming language, you can develop your own methods to generate 3D structures.