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Symbols- and object libraries

Modules to furnish roadways.

Traffic Sign Catalogue

The card_1 traffic sign catalogue (VzKat) contains the official traffic signs according to StVO (German traffic regulations). Each individual traffic sign is managed as a card_1 drawing object in this library and can therefore be accessed directly.

The drawing objects are structured according to the official sections of the library for traffic signs of the BMVBS (Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Town Planning).

  • Official traffic signs according to StVO (German traffic regulations), traffic sign library (VzKat)
    Traffic signs on a white background
    Traffic signs on a transparent background
  • A pen attribute table for correct colours comes with the software package
  • Structured into drawing files according to the official library sections:
    Danger signs according to § 40 StVO
    Regulatory signs according to § 41 StVO
    Direction signs according to § 42 StVO
    Variations of traffic signposting based on StVO sign no. 500
    Street furniture §43 StVO
    Additional signs

Use the official traffic signs for your traffic sign plans and add an even more professional touch to your plans.

Module Prerequisites
Drawing Editing

Street Furniture Catalogue

The street furniture catalogue (StraKat) contains a wide range of drawing objects to design base maps and longitudinal profiles, standard cross-sections and road cross-sections as well as other drawings.

Each individual traffic sign is managed as a card_1 drawing object and can therefore be accessed directly. Drawing objects of trees and people are available as are standardised paved surfaces and standard cross-section sketches.

  • Schematic standard cross-sections: relevant cross-sections according to RAA (German Guidelines for Cross Section Design)
  • Road cross-sections according to RASt 06, cross-sectional sketches for design solutions within built-up areas to a scale of 1:100
  • Structures of paved surfaces: text modules to describe road surfaces according to RStO 01
  • Clearance spaces: schematic display of the dimensions when typical vehicle combinations meet, drive alongside or pass each other
  • Traffic space design: means of transport and traffic participants, e.g. cars, lorries and people
  • Vegetation: display of deciduous trees and conifers, automatically scalable
  • Edgings and standard cross-section details: kerbs made out of concrete according to DIN 483 EN 1340, road edgings within built-up areas
  • Disabled-friendly construction: disabled-friendly planning, e.g. ramps, parking spaces and elevators
  • Legends: samples of titleblocks and legends for base maps and longitudinal profiles, overview maps, cross-sections, utility plans and land acquisition plans, north point objects and scale indicators
  • Soil types and pavements: 2D pattern generation of the different soil types in cross-sections or longitudinal profiles, pattern generation for different pavement types
  • Traffic light systems: schematic or detailed traffic light systems
  • Walls and limitations: passive protection facilities, walls and retaining walls
  • Playground design: objects to design playgrounds to a scale of 1:100

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your planning steps and save time and money.

Module Prerequisites
Drawing Editing