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Alteration and Extension of the Autobahnkreuz Schkeuditz (Motorway Junction at Schkeuditz) BAB9 - BAB14

The road planning was based on the existing, already calculated alignments and vertical alignments which had to be adjusted to new technical standards and guidelines as well as an updated survey. As an additional level, the ICE (high speed train) route had to be taken into account at the interchange.

Construction work at the Schkeuditz junction in November 2000.3-D visualization of the Schkeuditzer junction.
Construction work at the Schkeuditz junction in November 2000.
3-D visualization of the Schkeuditzer junction.

Complicate cross-sections

The cross-section design, in particular, was therefore extremely challenging because in complicated segments, the cross-sections of the various alignments (ramps, main and slip lanes) had to be handled simultaneously.

The cross-section design was mainly based on an extension of the cross-section designer developed by the company EIBS GmbH. This extension was developed to design complex cross-sections in the area of motorway planning. And so, within the tight time frame of only five months, the entire execution planning and volumetric calculations could be accomplished with card_1.

Following a special request by the client, the planned alteration and extension could be visualized on the basis of the digital terrain model.