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Drawing Editing

Convenient features

Clear display
Clear display
  • Contains all important elements and the functions to conveniently generate and edit those elements, e.g. lines/polylines, texts, areas, dimensionings
  • Incorporation of raster images, e.g. scanned-in originals and digital images, including the basic functions to edit raster images: please also refer to the module description Hybrid Drawing Editing
  • Creating and editing font types
  • Definition of boundaries and voids for the display
  • Various protection features as guarantee against unwanted operations

Clearly structured

Global layer
Global layer
  • "Intelligent“ drawings – structured as individual, exchangeable layers and objects
  • Clear drawing structures using various object types, e.g. drawing, layer group, map sheet-related layers in defined scales as well as project-related layers which can be incorporated into drawings of any scale and rotation and which are automatically transformed according to the sheet definition
  • Simultaneous display and editing of all layers of a drawing as well as referenced layers from other drawings (layer groups)
  • User-guided management of all objects belonging to one drawing (object drawing)
  • Simple creation of theme plans using the drawing management
  • Clear drawing structure display

User-definable Display

  • Quick data access and excellent display quality
  • User-definable display modes of the drawing objects to better analyze the drawing on-screen during editing
  • Management of up to 32,000 pens and line styles
  • Any number of windows showing any section of a drawing, the sections can be displayed and edited simultaneously

Ideal for a Team

  • Multiple users can work simultaneously on different drawings/drawing components of a project
  • Drawing components which are being worked on are automatically protected against any unwanted changes by other users
  • Modifications to objects being accessed by many are automatically updated for all users

Seamless data exchange

  • High data accuracy when exporting into other formats
  • Comprehensive conversion features when importing or exporting drawings
  • Bi-directional data flow for the formats DGN, DWG and DXF
  • Data export into the formats DWF and BMP

Module prerequisites


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