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Simple and reliable data evaluation

Height determination
Height determination
  • Imports measurement data (raw data) of all common automatic levelling instruments into the CARD/1 format, e.g. Leica, Topcon and Zeiss. The formats are recognised automatically.
  • Compares existing point heights
  • Evaluates engineering and precise levelling over any length of line. Supports levelling staffs with centimetre and half-centimetre graduation.
  • Readings which were booked by hand can be entered manually
  • Handy measurements table for corrections and additional data.
  • Calculates with/without weighted error distribution
  • Evaluation of cross-section surveys
  • Determines height differences with/without connecting heights. The height differences serve as observations in height network adjustments
  • Extensive print report including all calculations

Settings and Measurement Checks

  • Individual screen and report settings
  • The earth’s curvature and refraction are dealt with separately in the evaluation
  • Equally weighted (linear) or distance weighted error distribution when calculating point heights
  • Checks for duplicate point numbers
  • Error limits to check existing point heights
  • Different numbers of decimal places for different levels of accuracy

Module prerequisites

Point Management, or Point Management/Rail

Additional Information

Tacheometer Transfer module
Network Adjustment module

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