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Network adjustment

Geodetic networks easily calculated

Plan/height network
Plan/height network

The CARD/1 Network Adjustment provides quick and clearly structured evaluations of your network measurements

  • Combined plan and height network adjustment
    Various network types
    • Fixed point networks with plan and height connections to existing or datum points
    • Free networks
  • Definition of the starting data
    • Central management of the starting data in the CARD/1 databases for points, measurement values and instrument data
    • Easy-to-use measurement data selection from the set-ups pool
    • Automatic existing point assignment (optionally via on-screen selection)
    • Instrument-dependent accuracies (optionally as presettings)
  • Approximate coordinate determination
    • Automatic calculation
    • Optionally from point database
  • Calculation of the adjusted coordinates, network accuracy and reliability
  • Automatic elimination of questionable observations (optional)
  • Easy checking and editing of the network sketch in the base map graphics
  • Optional determination of instrument-unknowns: scale factors and additive constants for distances
  • Optional determination of object point coordinates
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Results preview

Intelligent network sketches

Error ellipses, height error indicators
Error ellipses, height error indicators
  • Technically sound network display
    • Independent-of-scale visualization in the base map
    • Technically sound symbols for points, distances and directions
    • Annotation with point numbers and observations
    • Observations; if required as normalised correction and redundancy component
    • Error ellipses (configurable scale)
    • Height error indicators
    • Pointings for object points
  • Coloured markings for the error status
    • Markings for questionable observations
    • Marking of the ellipse if the positional error has been exceeded
    • Marking of the height error indicator if the height error has been exceeded
  • On-screen editing of the network sketch
    • Deactivation/activation of questionable observations simply by  mouse click
    • Sorted list of the questionable observations
    • User-definable window sections and zooming

Comprehensive reporting

Print preview network
Print preview network
Adjustment report
Adjustment report
  • Flexible print layout design for all reports
  • Print preview
  • Overview of the reported data
    • Connecting points
    • Observations incl. standard deviations a priori
    • Result of the approximate coordinate calculation incl. local accuracy values
    • Pre-adjustment summaries
    • Adjusted coordinates incl. local accuracy values (error ellipses parameters)
    • Statistical properties of the network
    • Outlier list
    • Observation group accuracy values
    • Local point accuracies incl. error status
    • Adjusted observations incl. standard deviation a posteriori, redundancy components and normalised corrections
    • Instrument-unknown check result
    • Final test
    • Object point list
  • Standard layouts are included in the installation package

Easy-to-use network planning

  • On-screen definition of the observation points and pointings in the base map
  • Measurement simulation
  • Calculation of the expected standard deviations
  • Pre-analysis of the network structure

Fields of application

  • Basic networks
    • Transport facilities
    • Waterways
    • Mining (tunnel measurements)
    • Cadastre
    • Public utilities network management
    • Civil engineering
  • Point determinations with proven accuracy
  • Deformation monitoring measurements
  • Proving surveys
  • Acceptance tests
  • Traverse calculation and check
  • Track-related surveys
  • Calculation of the expected standard deviations
  • Pre-analysis of the network structure

Application examples

Basic network for the Allianz-Arena in Munich

Module prerequisites

Point Management

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