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Data presentation & technically sound user interface

Technically sound user interface
Technically sound user interface
  • Technically sound user controls with popup menus, dialogues, context-related entry fields and symbol bars, e.g. for alignment selection, chainage selection, coordinate definition
  •  MDI technology: Better overview by presenting the project data in multiple graphics windows and different views: base map, profile, cross-section, string views, User-definable Profile view, 3D view and drawing view
  • Cross-window editing: Simultaneous construction in multiple windows, progress can be viewed in all windows
  • Evaluation functions: All evaluation functions are at hand by activating a view, the current construction task is not interrupted
  • Overview window displaying the entire project and any section defined
  • User-defined sections, comfortable zoom and section scroll using the mouse wheel
  • Grouped and auto-updated string windows in the profile, e.g. curvature string, cross-fall string, width string, speed string
  • User-definable display conventions: technically sound data display as an alternative to a working view
  • Map sheet-free project work - objects need to be edited once only. Drawings are updated as simple as a mouse click.
  • Freely positionable report window which logs all editing steps. Links in the report guide to further details. more >

Project Management

CARD/1 Project manager
CARD/1 Project manager
  • Centralized database-driven management of all projects in either a network or locally
  • Top security for project data due to database protection and security features
  • Secure project transport when importing or exporting to/from third parties or into the archive
  • High level of efficiency by creating various project types e.g. templates for often-repeated tasks or frequent clients
  • Special requirements are taken into account, e.g. the needs of a particular client, by defining and re-using central projects with task-specific, central definitions and settings
  • Working effectively using blanket settings for the project, such as code and display tables and drawing specifications
  • Workflow optimization by evaluating project topics: access to appropriate design parameters and reference data in selection tables and pre-settings by assigning a project to a topic, e.g. sewer design
  • Excellent project overview by using project categories to filter the projects, e.g. according to client or department
  • Plug & Play: blanket definitions and settings for the projects are part of the package, e.g. symbol library, pen table, fonts, line types and templates

File Management

CARD/1 File Management
CARD/1 File Management
  •  File information management; file information is continuously updated and is preserved after data transfer
  • "Infotext" for all files
  • Intelligent file management while working: files can be selected according to content
  • Quick file search
  • Display, selection and sorting options are saved according to specific projects and users
  • File management with classic administration functions

Catalogues and Settings

Plug & Play
Plug & Play
  • Working with technical data: extendable code tables according to the applicable guidelines (RAS-VERM) for alignments, trees, slopes, areas and sub-areas, groups, lines, points, symbols and texts
  • The technical meaning of the data and structure defined on the basis of local and central code tables
  • Tools to alter or adjust the code concept, e.g. to suit client requirements
  • Display tables for technical differentiation of typographic data. Codes and display attributes linked, e.g. to display technical information like a drawing
  • Drawing edges, blanket and project-specific definitions
  • Symbol library with almost 1000 symbols according to the applicable guidelines (RAS-VERM) and other technical guidelines for producing drawings
  • Technical line types, fonts (German Railways font, among others)

Text Editor & Tables

Text Editor
Text Editor
Table Editor
Table Editor
  • Windows-compatible text editor to edit specifications
  • Shortcuts and symbol bar with common and useful functions
  • Context-related menu functions which are oriented towards the current application
  • Extensive file help, context-related help with F1 and context-sensitive help with SHIFT F1 for function groups working with commands
  • Integrated viewer to check and view results, e.g. when printing surface elevation lists
  • Table editing by mouse or keyboard
  • Column width and order may be set individually
  • Sorting criteria for list displays
  • Quick data search

System services

Format Settings
Format Settings
  • Output of calculation reports using ready-made, exchangeable format templates which can be adjusted to suit individual needs
  • Preparing drawings with blanket drawing rules applicable in all cases, e.g. suitable to the guidelines (RAS-VERM). Define your own rules and extend existing rules
  • User-related format settings for dialogue entries, value displays and other displays (decimal point)
  • Settings for 'undo' and 'redo', up to 1000 steps
  • Supports long file names
  • Status information is easily managed and personally created user interface settings are saved
  • Printout can be individually designed, e.g. text or graphic-based headers. more >

CARD/1 Online Documentation

Context Sensitive Help
Context Sensitive Help
  • Extensive CARD/1 online documentation made up of the following media:
  • CARD/1 Documentation in PDF file format (Portable Document Format) by Adobe and CARD/1 Help in HLP/CHM file format by Microsoft
  • Links between both media
  • Context-related help with F1
  • Context-sensitive help with SHIFT+F1 for function groups working with commands
  • Unlimited text search
  • A complete table of contents of all PDF files
  • Regular updates via download (Freshup) after signing a Service Agreement

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