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Vertical Alignment Builder Rail

Completely New Algorithm

Local optimization
Local optimization
  • Based on a new genetic algorithm, the program automatically picks the optimum vertical alignment from a range of variationsVertical alignment builder when planning a new route:
    • Vertical alignment builder when planning a new route
    • Route parameter and height analysis of an existing vertical alignment
    • Calculation of a vertical alignment running asymmetrical to the ground profile line
    • Calculation of a vertical alignment as an approximation from one side only
    • Existing vertical alignment optimization due to changed route parameters
    • Local optimization taking constraints at the section edges into account
    • Floating optimization along the entire alignment to automatically reproduce a vertical alignment of an existing route

Precise Documentation

  • Precise documentation of the optimization results:
    • On-screen check based on a graphical report which displays the critical chainages
    • Comprehensive reports document all input data and inform you when the set value limits have been exceeded or fall short

Module prerequisites