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According to the maglev route design and project work guidelines

Routing and project work
Routing and project work
  • Module meets all guidelines to design maglev routes as well as the project work guidelines
  •  Alignment-related compilation and management of all routing value limits
  •  Maglev switches are available in the switch library
  •  Sinusoidal curves are calculated and evaluated in the plane and in the cross-fall string
  •  Calculation of special switches
  •  Circular curves and clothoids are available for vertical alignments
  •  Cross-fall strings (degrees) can be calculated for different speed profiles

All checks and value limits are logged

Track supports
Track supports
  • Vehicle dynamics check reports are created
  • Vehicle dynamics examinations are taken into account, e.g. jolt and acceleration values, the twist as well as the Rx,z-criterion (combination of vertical and horizontal radius) of the route alignments
  • Comprehensive check and report of all value limits

All calculations

Hybrid track "Bögl-Träger"
Hybrid track "Bögl-Träger"
  • Calculation of the corresponding spatial chainages of neighbouring tracks
  • Calculation of the track supports along the spatial curve
  • Support of any track support types
  • Transformation of the coordinates in the track support system into Cartesian coordinates

Ready-to-deliver drawings

  • All created data is drawn
  • Creation of longitudinal profiles of the maglev route with tangents, cross-falls and cant gradients as well as annotations
  • Creation of base maps of the maglev route with gradients, cross-falls as well as annotations
  • Creation of cross-section drawings with cross-falls as well as annotations

Data exchange

Data exchange using a standardised interface

Module prerequisites


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