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Planning for any country

Compound curve series
Compound curve series
  • Route design of federal railways, local railways and metros, regional railways and new ICE routes, determining both planimetric position and height
  • Vehicle dynamics parameters are already taken into account during the design, all route elements (track curves, transition curves, cant gradients and vertical alignments) are automatically determined within the valid value limits
  • Management and evaluation of the alignment attributes, e.g. kilometrage alignments, track alignments, track cross-overs or station tracks
  • Wide-area buffering covering greater distances, e.g. when calculating track cross-overs as well as compound curve series with given compound curve lengths
  • On-screen editing of cants and cant gradients
  • Kilometrage discontinuities are taken into account
  • Evaluation of track alignments in relation to any other alignment
  • Entire track cross-overs can be moved in non-parallel and curved tracks

Route Design Guidelines & Switch Library

  • Selection of the route design guidelines, e.g. route design guidelines of the German Federal Railways or of the Austrian Federal Railways
  • Switch library with automatic switch calculation, also for switches with a straight section in transition curves
  • Real-time on-screen check of the switch calculation

Wide range of transition curves

  • Transition curve with linear curvature, the clothoid
  • Transition curves with a defined compound curve series, the radioid
  • Transition curves with non-linear curvature, e.g. according to Bloss, Schramm
  • Centroid-related routing using the so-called Wiener Bogen® of the Austrian Federal Railways
  • All transition curves are also available for scissor shaped cant gradients and ellipses

Module prerequisites