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Cross-Section Editor

Top features

Cross-section volumes
Cross-section volumes
  • On-screen cross-section design
    • Gradient definition using either 1:N, % or as vertical angle
    • Relative widths or absolute alignment offsets can be used
    • Reference to existing elements
    • Reference to existing width strings and vertical alignments
  • Design of ditches, swales and embankments with a „mouse click“, rounding of the individual elements
  • Value display: Drag lines indicate the values for suitable results before the actual design
  • Cross-section definition for the output in cross-section and longitudinal profile drawings

Volume Calculation

  • Volume calculations from cross-sections using either one or two cross-section lines (Elling polygons)
  • Colour-coded cut and fill areas
  • Simple volume calculation method for estimation and check purposes

Easily Reusable & Undo

  • Cross-section lines or sections from cross-section lines can be reused
  • Unwanted changes can be undone step by step

OKSTRA Surface Structure List

OKSTRA surface structure list
OKSTRA surface structure list
  • The CARD/1 surface structure list can comprise the entire route including the shoulder
  • Convenient, dialogue-based and lane-oriented definition of the carriageway lanes
  • Clear presentation in tables
  • Display in the cross-section view

Seamless data exchange

  • Via card type 055
  • Via REB data type 66
  • Via the CARD/1 ASCII format
  • Data exchange of surface structure lists in accordance with the OKSTRA guidelines, automatic import and export of any data related to the surface structure lists

Module prerequisites


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