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Cross-Section Design / Cross-Section Design Rail

Automatic Design

3D display
3D display
  • Automatic cross-section design based on design files for different fields of application, e.g. route design, railway design, drainage systems, volume calculations, dam and waterway design
  • Easily reusable design files
  • User-defined dialogues

Any special task can be approached

  • User-definable modifications for any special task
  • Design of special structures, e.g. noise barriers, retaining walls
  • Design of special cross-sections, e.g. for bridges, tunnels, water protection zones
  • Design of clearance cross-sections
  • Cross-sections can be derived from any given DTM automatically during the cross-section design
  • Design file protection through file encryption
  • Standard solutions are included in the installation package

Cross-Section Design Rail

  • Identical set of functions to module Cross-Section Design
  • Higher accuracy through higher number of decimal places
  • Standard macros for the German Federal Railways are included in the installation package

Module prerequisites Cross-Section Design

Cross-Section Design

Module prerequisites Cross-Section Design Rail

Cross-Section Editor
Cross-Section Design

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