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Raster Image Editing

One-stop editing & management

Hybrid editing
Hybrid editing
  • Supports the file formats TIFF, GeoTIFF, TIFF+TFW, BMP, PNG, JPG, JGP+JGW and ECW
  • Significant reduction of the drive space required through high compression of the raster data
  • Various transformation methods, with or without residual error distribution, to fit and geo-reference the scanned-in originals
  • Joint (hybrid) editing of vector graphics and raster images
  • System-independent export of CARD/1 raster images in the GeoTIFF and BMP formats, also in batch mode

Raster image editing

  • Supports WMS services to georeference aerial photos, base maps and thematic maps
  • Image editing functions to create illustrative presentations, e.g. functions to set transparency and colour information as well as to delete defined image information
  • Image editing functions are also available in batch mode for multiple images
  • Functions to position raster images, e.g. rotate, tilt and shift
  • Raster data visibility control features based on data type and scope

Module prerequisites