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Image Documentation

Managing digital image documents

Digitally positioned
Digitally positioned
An example of construction progress
An example of construction progress
Geo-referenced images
Geo-referenced images
  • Importing photos and videos into CARD/1 projects – even several thousand image documents – e.g. to document the existing conditions, to secure evidence and document construction progress
  • Positioning and displaying images in the base map view
  • Automatic transformation and positioning of geo-referenced images (image location known):
    • When importing images into projects in the Gauß-Krüger-System, the coordinates are automatically transformed from the GPS/WGS84-system into the Gauß-Krüger-System
  • Controlling the image display: as full-screen, thumb-nail or as a symbol
  • Easy functions to manage images e.g. organising and filtering according to work-sites, deadlines or clients
  • Outputting images as drawings
  • Optional: DWG Export of images from a drawing (module required: DXF/DWG Export)

Module prerequisites


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