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Base map

Clear structures

Theme plan
Theme plan
  • Clear topographic data structures in layers, e.g. for utility plans or tree cadastres
  • Codes to structure and differentiate the topographic data
  • Code tables are part of the installation package, additional localized code tables can be provided upon request


  • User-definable display modes
    • through user-definable drawing specifications for defined scales
    • and specific display rules
  • High-speed data display and one-stop project work

For projects of any size

Existing conditions plan
Existing conditions plan
  • One-stop project work with technical data
  • Unlimited topographic data
  • Up to 32,000 layers to structure the project data
  • On-screen construction features: points, lines, symbols, slopes, trees and texts can be edited and managed in the plane; editing line points in longitudinal profiles will soon be possible
  • Area calculations taking rounding rules, error limits and reductions/corrections into account
  • Definition and clipping of the project extent displayed in the base map
  • On-screen selection tools to select topographic data and groups, e.g. mark, selection polygons
  • Integrated symbol and line style libraries

Powerful functions

  • Automatic area generation from lines
  • Engineering-standard methods to calculate slope hachures, even for closed slopes, construction pits etc.
  • Height construction for line points
  • Existing tree plan requirements are supported
  • Annotation generation, e.g. dimensioning lines, tree data, point data, parcel areas

Automatic drawing generation

  • Automatic drawing generation based on reusable drawing specifications
  • Drawing specifications for plans according to the RE guidelines are included in the installation package
  • Drawing specifications can be altered to suit your individual needs
  • Drawing generation of multiple base map drawings in one go (batch mode); all drawings are compiled in a compilation drawing
  • Generation of existing conditions plans, base maps for planning permission applications, land-use plans, environmental compatibility studies, accompanying landscape plans, land development plans, land acquisition plans (requires module Land Acquisition Logging), any other theme plans, parcel maps, setting-out plans, landscape planning

Transparent data exchange

  • Topographic data exchange in the CARD/1 format: points, lines, symbols, texts, trees, slopes, digital terrain models
  • Reports with quality check of the data im/exported
  • Pre-data-exchange-transformation
  • Topographic data exchange via OKSTRA
  • Data exchange via DXF/DWG independent of drawings

Module prerequisites

Point Management

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