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Sewer Network Hydraulics Time Coefficient Method

Empirical Calculation Model

Time coefficient method
Time coefficient method
  • Time coefficient method according to either ATV (German Association for the Water Environment) or RAS-Ew (German Road Design Guidelines, section: drainage)
  • All relevant input values are integrated, e.g. Reinhold collection of rainfall data, peak run-off coefficients, reduced minimum rainfalls
  • Time coefficient is directly derived from the Reinhold rainfall intensity or a linear regression (Draschoff) based on a discretely defined rainfall (input of KOSTRA values)
  • Definition of a minimum rainfall duration and an individual frequency per reach when using the time coefficient method according to RE (German Design Guidelines)
  • Calculation of road drainages according to the relevant guidelines even outside built-up areas

Graphically-interactive Sewer Profile Designer

Constraining heights
On-screen constraining height design
  • On-screen invert elevation and gradient design; either reach, section or sewerwise
  • Calculation via DTM, ground profile line of an existing parallel sewer, minimum depth of cover or any other invert elevations
  • On-screen definition of constraining heights
  • Invert elevation calculations sewerwise from bottom to top
  • Soffit height adjustment in 50 mm steps
  • Manhole cover and manhole heights can be adjusted in relation to DTMs or alignments and their associated chainage data, i.e. vertical alignments, widths and cross-falls

Clear & transferable data output

  • Data export in clearly structured lists, either in the internal list format or as a table in compliance with RE (German Design Guidelines), or transferable to databases and spreadsheets, e.g. MS Excel  
  • Data export via the ISYBAU interface type K and EY

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