Base Map Drawing - Sewer

Perfect sewer base map drawings

Sewer base map drawing
Sewer base map drawing
  • True-to-scale display of the manholes and reaches using any card_1 symbol or user-defined drawing object
  • Automatic generation and annotation of manholes and reaches based on the current sewer data
  • Alignment and flexible offsets of the annotations in reference to the reaches or the drawing sheet border
  • Additional user-definable detailed display of unclear nodes
  • Automatic generation of a legend with all symbols and annotations used
  • One step generation of multiple sewer base map drawings for more complex planning areas (batch processing); all drawings are compiled in a compilation drawing

Automated Drawing Creation

  • Automated creation of drawings on the basis of reusable drawing specifications
  • Drawing specifications for technically-sound profile drawings in compliance with the existing guidelines are part of the delivery package
  • Drawing specifications may be edited to suit your needs

Module prerequisites