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Vertical Alignment Transformation

Transformation with on-screen check

Vertical alignment transformation
Vertical alignment transformation
  • Transformation of a vertical alignment onto another alignment. A new vertical alignment is generated as a series of tangent intersection points from intermediate points of the source vertical alignment. The tangent intersection points and vertical curves of the source vertical alignment are not copied.
  • Transferring a vertical alignment to another alignment. The individualvertical alignment heights are not transferred, but rather the tangentintersection points and the vertical curves crests and sags are copied.
  • When calculating dependent vertical alignments, the heights of the resulting vertical alignment (dependent vertical alignment) are calculated at the desired chainages of the ramp alignment and stored as tangent intersection points without vertical curves. When calculating the resulting vertical alignment, the following parameters are taken into account: the cross-fall of the master alignment, the cross-fall of the ramp alignment and the alignment offsets.
  • On-screen results check: The intermediate points to be transformed are visualized as a preview.

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