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Cross-fall Generator

All calculation parameters are taken into account

Cross-fall generator
Cross-fall generator
  • Automatic cross-fall calculation according to the German guidelines of the FGSV
  • The following calculation parameters are taken into account: road surface type and form, such as category and cross-section, vehicle dynamics parameters, gradient differences, design data, e.g. alignment, vertical alignment, widths or rotation axis shift
  • The speed definitions v85 and Vd are taken into account. An interactive v85 speed generator is integrated in the program
  • The entire range of variations of the alignment elements straight,  circular curve, compound curve, clothoid, vertex clothoid, ellipse and combined curves is supported
  • User-definable drainage settings, settings for the maximum cross-fall and rounding options
  • The cross-fall definitions may directly be derived from the route category or may be defined individually, e.g. the standard cross-fall in straight sections as well as the minimum and maximum cross-fall in circular curves

Comprehensive Documentation

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-understand documentation of the calculation methods.
  • You are informed when individual settings have been exceeded. You are then given further information on how to improve the road geometry.

Module prerequisites


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