Real Estate Management

Compatible with cadastres for roads, railways and sewers

Real estate register
Real estate register
  • Plot management in combination with leases and usage contracts
  • Direct access to the real estate data in the graphics
  • Suitable for land consolidations and land usage information entries
  • Attribute assignment to evaluate plots
  • Text generation samples for parcels, also as text variable
  • Evaluations in lists or as graphs: database functions to generate lists, e.g. owner list which can be integrated into drawings or visualized information

Suitable for any database

  • A database which provides the land acquisition structures according to OKSTRA is part of the installation package
  • Access to any external database via ODBC, Paradox, Interbase, Oracle
  • Data import from automatic land registers (ALB) supporting most of the state-specific variations, e.g. in the WLGDE format