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Digital Terrain Model

Fully integrated

DTM with TIN
DTM with TIN
  • The DTM data is fully integrated into the project data model. The model data is updated as soon as any changes to the project data are made
  • Break lines, form lines, voids and boundaries can be defined as options
  • Settings to control the true-to-terrain-level
  • Settings to avoid unwanted long triangle sides on the hull
  • Reliable and convenient project work using various check methods, e.g. points with identical positions, intersecting break lines or points which lie to closely to break lines

Convenient functions

  • Follow-up manipulation and editing of the triangles, e.g. swapping triangle sides, inserting or deleting points
  • On-screen check of the DTM supported by triangles, contour lines, flow directions or slope classes
  • Display of the terrain height including the slope and coordinates at any position within the DTM
  • DTMs can be raised or lowered by a user-defined height difference
  • Partial areas can be clipped, e.g. for volume calculations according to REB; the clipped areas may be saved as DTMs
  • Error visualization and reporting

Optimized Management

User-defined Section
User-defined Section
  • Management of complex DTMs with several million triangles
  • Speed-optimized contour lines for quick calculation and display
  • Convenient drawing output with triangles, triangle numbers and flow direction indicators as well as contour lines, if required with annotation
  • DTM base data generated if the base data information is missing: the DTM points and lines are automatically referenced using the triangles

Clear display

3D project view
3D project view
  • Base map: triangle sides, break lines, flow direction indicators, contour lines
  • Cross-section: up-to-date DTM sections can be displayed alongside cross-sections without preliminary calculations; the sections are updated as soon as the position of the alignment is changed
  • Longitudinal profile: up-to-date DTM sections can be displayed alongside longitudinal profiles without preliminary calculations; the sections are updated as soon as the position of the alignment is changed. In conjunction with the cross-sectional view these functions optimize the workflow when deciding on the optimum alignment
  • User-defined section: Height profile display of any selected DTM along a user-defined axis; the height profile is automatically updated as soon as the axis is changed
  • 3D project view: transparent or concise display mode using area-related attributes e.g. contour lines and line-shaped objects such as triangles, break lines and form lines

Contour line calculations

Contour lines
Contour lines
  • Contour line calculations, either linear interpolation, 2D splines or intersection-free spatial interpolation based on the Henkens-Lisek method
  • Convenient creation of annotations in compliance with the existing guidelines
  • Highly flexible settings to control the display of the contour lines on the screen and in the drawing

Cross-section and ground profile calculations

  • Generating cross-section lines by calculating DTM heights at user-definable alignment chainages
  • Generating ground profile lines by calculating DTM heights at user-definable alignment chainages

Data exchange

Data export
Data export
  • Import interfaces: cross-sections from the CARD/1 cross-section database, triangles in the REB and OKSTRA formats
  • Export interfaces: REB data types DA 45 (coordinates), DA 49 and DA 58 (triangles, ASCII format) as well as data exchange in compliance with the guidelines REB-VB 20.003, OKSTRA and construction machine steering

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