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Route Simulation


Route Simulation
Route Simulation
  • The properties of a route simulation are stored in animation files.
  • Route simulations of the type 'By Road' also provide the sight distances check feature.
  • Route simulations of the type 'By Rail' are possible.
  • You can create videos in any standard format.
  • You can visualise the eye point during the simulation in further views of the 3D project view.
  • You can use the new function group Generate Structures (Route) to generate road surfaces from cross-sections.
  • Any fixtures, e. g. lane markings, crash barriers, platforms, noise barriers can be generated using the function group Generate Structures.

    3D Project View

    Route Simulation with data display
    Route Simulation with data display
    • Definition of any number of roads and railway tracks
    • Road features such as carriageway markings, guard rails of any type, transparent noise barriers, avenue trees and railings can be visualized
    • Display of alignment, vertical alignment and pre-calculated sight distances
    • Display of the curvature string of the current alignment with the entire route
    • Data display with nodes which can be toggled for the existing geometric data in the base map, longitudinal profile and cross-section as well as parameters of the 3D sight line calculation (driver’s eye and target points, sight distances)
    • A comprehensive texture catalogue is included in the installation package

    Sight Distances

    Sight Distances
    Sight Distances
    • Including sight distances and 3D visualization
    • Add-ons for perfect visualization
      • Official traffic signs according to the German StVO guidelines
      • Any objects, e.g. houses and bridges

    Comprehensive data export

    •  Data export for presentations
      • as AVI file
      • as BMP images

    Module prerequisites