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Alignment Management

Alignment Management

Alignment Management
Alignment Management
  • Management of up to 999 alignments and up to 32,000 alignment parallels per alignment in one project
  • Management of the alignment properties, e.g. alignment code and alignment type
  • Management of the guideline-specific design parameters of an alignment and its reference data, e.g. road category and linkage function level
  • Assignment of master vertical alignments and chainage data

Generation, Conversion, Transformation

  • Design element generation from existing alignments
  • Base map line conversion into alignments (also with breaks) of the CARD/1 alignment database, generation of longitudinal profiles
  • Alignment transformation via shift and/or rotation
  • Copy, rename, delete
  • Alignment property editing

Import and Export

  • Alignment master point import into the CARD/1 alignment database
  • Import and export of the alignment master points using the data types KA 040 or REB DA 050

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