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Alignment Drawing

Technically sound plans

Alignment Drawing
Alignment Drawing
  • Drawing and annotation
    • Alignments and carriageway edges with chainage and element annotations, cross-fall indicators
    • Additional alignment design using symbols and drawing objects
    • Display of the position of cross-sections, annotation of the heights from cross-sections (surface elevation plan), Display of tangent intersection points and gradient change points
  • Additional drawing elements, e.g. coordinate grid, drawing sheet border and title block
  • Batch generation of multiple drawings in one step; all drawings are compiled in a compilation drawing
  • Objects from other drawings can be included, e.g. existing conditions plans, standard cross-sections, longitudinal profiles, scanned maps

Alignment Drawing (Rail)

Extensions to draw and annotate rail alignments according to the guidelines of the German Federal Railways.

Automatic Drawing Generation

  • Automated drawing generation based on reusable drawing specifications
  • Drawing specifications for plans according to the RE guidelines are included in the installation package
  • Drawing specifications can be altered to suit your individual needs

Module prerequisites Alignment Drawing

Module prerequisites Alignment Drawing Rail