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3D Project View

Clear project view based on central projection

Point cloud.
Point cloud.
  • Project data display in 3D
  • Display of any number of views in any number of windows
  • Virtual camera with zoom, focal length, bank angle, pitch angle, head angle and clipping
  • Quick camera positioning and camera alignment via mouse or exact camera positioning and camera alignment via dialogue
  • Flexible positioning and alignment of light sources
  • 3D project view management

Detailed display

3D Project View
3D Project View
  • Flexible definition of the project view with user-definable background colour and exaggeration
  • Flexible positioning of light sources
  • Selection of the display mode of structures, e.g. surface textures, material colours
  • Various display modes of the project data: e.g. a transparent display mode or a concise display mode for DTMs using area-related attributes e.g. contour lines and line-shaped objects, e.g. triangles, break lines and form lines

Module prerequisites